Commonwealth Crypto

Commonwealth Crypto is working to make cryptocurrency trading faster and more secure.

Commonwealth Crypto is developing technology to allow traders to maintain custody of their coins while trading at a cryptocurrency exchange. Our technology ensures that no one, even a compromised or hacked exchange, has the power to take custody of a trader’s digital assets. Instead, traders can keep their coins securely housed in their wallet or custodial service, even as they trade. Our technology is compatible with top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and ZCash.

Sharon Goldberg

Sharon Goldberg has over 12 years of research experience in network security. She's authored several research papers in cryptography and blockchain security and is a co-inventor of the TumbleBit protocol for anonymous Bitcoin-backed payments. She's worked at IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft, and served on working groups of the FCC and IETF. She's also a professor of computer science at Boston University and a Sloan Research Fellow.

Ethan Heilman

Ethan Heilman has authored more than 7 technical papers on blockchain, network security, and cryptography. He is a co-inventor of the TumbleBit protocol for anonymous Bitcoin-backed payments. He's contributed improvements to Bitcoin Core, broken several cryptographic hash functions, and chaired the technical program committee for Scaling Bitcoin 2017. Ethan is also PhD candidate at Boston University and has been an engineer at PubGet and Jumptamp.


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